Consultancy services to (a) Analyse the current regulatory and financial mechanism for ECBC (Energy Conservation Building Codes) implementation (b) Identify the state specific gaps for adoption of ECBC (c) Suggest state specific strategies including policies and financial incentives for adoption of ECBC in India (2013-2014) funded by UNDP-GEF-BEE (Bureau of Energy Efficiency)

The objective of the assignment was to analyse the capacities and the current regulatory mechanisms of institutions that support EE in commercial buildings at the central level and identify the gaps and also to analyse, compile and disseminate information on existing fiscal and financing schemes. ITPI under this assignment- (i) Analysed the current regulatory and financial mechanism related to ECBC at the central level and prepared a report on the same; (ii) Undertook state visits, discussions with officials of state designated agencies and other local departments; and identification of gaps for ECBC adoption; (iii) Prepared state wise reports showing the status of their energy scenario, current regulatory mechanisms, fiscal and financial incentives, strength and weakness of ECBC scheme and recommendations for improvement.