Market Assessment of roof top solar in residential sector (in thirteen cities spread over four states in India) (2018-2019) funded by Climate Policy Initiative (CPI) and a private company (an awardee of the grant support from US India Clean Energy Finance (USICEF)

The Client is an operator in commercial, industrial and residential sector for Grid Connected Rooftop Photo Voltaic (GCRTPV) projects. It is currently developing GCRTPV projects on Built-Own-Operate basis in selected states. The objective of this assignment was to conduct a market assessment for GCRTPV projects on Built-Own-Operate basis in selected states to build a portfolio of 2 MW aggregated capacity. Scope of work included: (i) Development of criteria and selection of states for GCRTPV systems in residential sector; (ii) Identification of 10 largest cities in selected two states and 100 largest rooftops in each city using GIS mapping techniques; (iii) Preliminary survey of buildings to identify type of consumer category of selected rooftops; (iv) Development of criteria for shortlisting of buildings and rooftops suitable for development of GCRTPV; (v) Physical survey of up to 500 identified consumers and rooftops to collect relevant data; (vi) Preparation of preliminary array layout considering shadow analysis and cost estimate for each site; and (vii) Preparation of Detailed Project Report for about 2MW aggregated GCRTPV project.