Owner’s Engineer 10.5 MW Wind Energy Project, India

BMD Power Private Limited

Project: A 10.5 MW wind power project was constructed in the Ahmednagar district in India using 7 Leitwind wind turbine generators (LTW80 model) with a hub height and rotor diameter of 80 meters.

ITP India was contracted by BMD Power Pvt. Ltd. as the Owner’s Engineer to oversee the execution of the project to quality standards and delivery deadlines.

Our role:

  • Ensure all works were carried out as per the agreed Quality Assurance Plan (QAP) and adhere to industry standards and best practice engineering
  • Check that the project stuck to the agreed Project Plan and notify owner is case of delays
  • Monitor and review all tests carried out on site for electrical, civil and mechanical works

In addition, as Owner’s Engineer we monitor the site from construction to operations.

  • Inspection of components and materials delivered at site and reviewed the quality check reports
  • Monitor the project post commissioning and handover to the Operation and Maintenance team
  • Carry out quality inspection of the finished project and ensure any sub-quality components are rectified by the contractor

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