Energy Policy and Strategy

As one of the world’s longest standing renewable energy consultancies, ITP India has provided policy and strategy advice to governments, multilateral agencies, investors and businesses in over 120 countries .

Our experience is exhaustive and will have reliably advised hundreds of clients on how best to achieve their renewable energy policies and meet their climate change strategies.

As such, our energy policy and strategy services are divided into 4 categories:

  1. Public policy
  2. Strategic advice
  3. Investment advisory
  4. Capacity building and training
Public policy

For public sector clients including governments, multilateral agencies, regional organisations and non-governmental organisations (NGOs), IT Power offer public policy recommendations for macro to micro level renewable energy and climate change policy.

Strategic Advice

We offer strategic advice to our private sector clients wanting to enter new markets or develop their renewable energy business strategy.

Investment Advisory

For investors, or companies looking for investment, we offer outstanding due diligence expertise. We conduct thorough technical due diligence as well as assess the realistic viability of a projects or technologies based on economic, social and environmental factors.

Capacity Building and training

Additionally, ITP India offers bespoke capacity building and training courses for our public and private sector clients.

Some of our examples include:

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