Preparation of Project Detailed Report and Bid Document for Scaling up Access to Electricity in Rural Areas (2013-2014)

Client: Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE), World Bank

The objectives of the project were to assess energy demand, willingness to pay, community participation and linkages, both for domestic and productive applications (such as telecom towers, agricultural pumps etc.) through primary survey in certain locations and generation of a load curve; design the renewable energy mini-grid(s) for the above load curve and undertake a techno-commercial viability of setting up the project; evaluate provision of a possible joint venture between a private sector enterprise and a local entrepreneur for the success of the project to minimize the technical and commercials risks to the project; achieve a buy-in from relevant stakeholders for the project. ITPI prepared Detailed Project Report (DPR) and activities carried out as part of DPR preparation were presentation of a policy paper, preparation of a draft Feasibility Project report, preparation of bidding documents, assistance in selection of the entrepreneur, and creation of awareness within the community.