Small Hydro Power

Small Hydro PowerITP India’s is one of the only international consultancy firms with specialist expertise in delivering small hydro power projects across the globe.

Small hydro power (also known as mini-hydro, micro-hydro or pico-hydro), refers to projects usually between 1MW – 2MW in size.

Small hydro power projects require a flexible engineering approach to keep designs cost effective. Its important that the technical and non-technical requirements of a small hydro power plant are carefully considered depending on its location.

ITP India has provided technical design and implementation expertise to private and public institutional clients on hundreds of small hydro power projects throughout the developing world and Europe.

Our small hydro power work includes:

  • Site identification
  • Pre-feasibility and feasibility studies
  • Project design and implementation


  • Negotiation of environmental permissions
  • Technology transfer of appropriate designs to developing country manufacturers
  • Project formulation and appraisal for national and international aid agencies
  • Training on small-hydro technology and economics

Our team of independent experts are not affiliated to any project developers or equipment suppliers. We offer impartial technical small hydro power advice to ensure that projects are delivered to the very highest of standards.

Contact us to see how can help develop your small hydro power project.