Consultancy services to develop a dynamic model for a green school in Mongolia (2016) funded by UN Environment Programme

The objective of this assignment was to develop an energy model of a green school blueprint using computational dynamic thermal modelling software DesignBuilder and create a reference for the next green schools that will be constructed and train relevant Mongolian stakeholders on the use of the energy modelling tool. Activities undertaken by ITPI included- Designing and developing a baseline thermal model for a 6000 m2 school and run a yearly energy simulation; Identification and implementation of interventions that would be required to convert the previously modelled school into a green school considering energy and cost; Evaluation of design options with the very best combinations of cost, energy and comfort performance; and Assessment of renewable energy and water efficiency options to be adopted in the green school. In addition, ITPI also supported in preparing material for training programs for the relevant Mongolian stakeholders on energy modelling tools, energy efficiency aspects as well as integration of renewable technologies in buildings and water efficiency measures.