Development of material and component specifications of six standard concentrated solar technologies as reference document for maintaining quality in the field (2014-2015) funded by Ministry of New and Renewable Energy, India & UNDP-GEF Concentrated Solar Heating Project

The objective of this assignment was to develop material and component specifications of 6 standard Concentrated Solar Technologies (CSTs) as reference documents for maintaining quality in the field by manufacturers. Activities undertaken by ITPI for this assignment included- (i) Preparation of discussion guide, questionnaire, database of manufacturers/academicians; (ii) Visit to manufacturers of CST systems for collection of component and material specifications data; (iii) Booklet Template formation; (iv) Visit to user installations for collecting data on actual performance; (v) Consultation meetings with the stakeholders; (vi) Substantiation of information through secondary research; (vii) Preparation of baseline material and component specifications for all the six CST technologies; (viii) Synthesising and compilation of material/information; and finally (ix) Preparation of booklets for all six CST technologies.