Market assessment and technical design options study in Kannauj and Mahoba, for improving energy access in Uttar Pradesh (UP) India, using renewable energy (2014-2015) funded by The World Bank

This project envisaged building a viable, sustainable and scalable model of providing energy access through off grid electrification. ITPI was assigned to undertake a market assessment and determine technical design options for providing access to electricity in the districts of Kannauj and Mahoba, Uttar Pradesh using decentralized generation with renewable energy technologies (RETs) and distribution through local supply networks i.e. mini-grids. The scope of work included market assessment, technology assessment and financial analysis. Under these ITPI executed tasks including- (i) Identifying and shortlisting of villages as per qualifying criteria for mini-grid electrification; (ii) Determination of market size, assessment of energy profile and loads, assessment of socio-economic profile including affordability and willingness to pay, review of policy/plans on electrification in selected districts, etc. (iii) Identification of technology options based on size and nature of demand, availability of resources, renewable energy resource assessment, determination of ideal plant capacity, (iv) Identification of technical options for gird integration, proposing metering options including identification of risks such as risk of theft, non-payment, etc. (v) Development of cost estimates for each identified option including capital costs, operation and maintenance cost, normative returns, etc., and setting consumer tariffs for mini-grids; (vi) Development of monitoring and evaluation framework.