The provision of consultancy services on application of renewable energy through costs-from-savings in the PAEW`s Assets (2018-2019) funded by the Public Authority for Electricity and Water (now Public Authority for Water), Oman

The objective of this assignment was to improve the energy performance of Sultanate’s water supply facilities. PAEW was interested to investigate and identify energy saving opportunities in its assets using renewable energy applications as an energy saving measure while at the same time fulfilling water demand requirements and ensuring continuity of water supply. Scope of this assignment included- (i) Development of two reports on successful international experience on (1) using renewable energy applications as an energy saving measure in the water sector, and (2) best practices for cost-from-savings fund schemes customized for the PAEW, Oman case; (ii) Site visits of 22 water facilities and prioritization of projects according to the site and operational conditions to select 10 sites for technical & financial feasibility study. (iii) Prepared Minimum Functional Specifications report (MFS) and feasibility studies methodology where ITPI executed detailed technical and financial feasibility study of ten sites and selecting 5 for implementation; (iv) Prepared an implementation plan and complete implementation packages for five projects; and (v) Conducted a knowledge transfer session and final project workshop.