Training on Design, upkeep and maintenance of solar photovoltaic power plant (2017) funded by Assam Energy Development Agency (AEDA), India

ITPI provided a comprehensive two-day training to engineers/diploma holders of North East India region in solar PV power plant designing, DPR preparation, HOMER / PVsyst simulation and solar integration in buildings with the help of DesignBuilder software. The training programme covered various aspects of solar power including- (i) Fundamentals of solar power; (ii) Status of solar in India- international best practices and latest technologies, solar pumps including Variable Frequency Drive (VFD), solar policies & programs, solar targets & achievement, incentives/subsidies, business models (RESCO & CAPEX model in details), Net metering; (iii) Designing of solar PV plant -contents of DPR, site identification and selection, load calculation and analysis, commonly used software (PVsyst, PVwatts, HOMER, DesignBuilder), resource assessment, selection of equipment/system, shadow analysis, solar PV generation, Performance Ratio, losses, design of solar PV for specific applications; (iv) Description on solar PV plant components- solar panel, PCU, types of inverters, cable sizing, earthing; (v) Operation and Maintenance of solar PV plant-  system shutdown procedure, monitoring system output, remote monitoring system, system maintenance safety procedures.